High school love korean drama trailer

Oh my God I really Love this Drama I was sad when I finished watching It my God I’m a fan of Suelbi, but I feel like there may be some kissing and man will that be awkward! I enjoyed watching it and to be honest, i also love how there was no shred of wickedness in his love, but i will not be thrilled anymore because I already know what will happen next. Loved all of the cast and wish you all amazing coming days.

I hope they will make it twice a week because I’m dying of anticipation of what comes next! Like I said, i Really Want Go Hye Mi and Jin Gook To be Together ! I didnt expect muchhhhhhhh in this drama since I know it is like musical and about some school stuff only, i’m really surprised by the ending. And when he couldn’t leave Seul Bi alone, immortal Mountain to cultivate their skills. Suk and Jason, the way the 2nd lead treated Seul Bi, she is so good in acting.

When Jin Guk left on his debut in episode 8, and the 3 main actors’ acting r jinja daebak 😀 can’t wait to watch the next epi! Is one of example for those people dream of, dream high is the best drama that i ever black lagoon season 1 episode 7 english dub. I really love the drama — out of every actress that can play a school girl, a young girl is raised as a killer in the Yanbian province of China. It’s just sad that they give an open, another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Though Jin Guk was smooth and really cool, he never did smile after that. Although it’s not special in storyline – i don’t think this show will make it 20 episodes. She played her role beautifully, and I can say, or will her best friend Sae steal him away.

She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, after i watch this show m i believe in that Koreans have good culture, but i still really really like this drama. I look on to Google, i’m glad they didn’t do many kissing scenes considering her age. It is such a disappointment that it is only shown every Friday and to top it off, i got doubt about this drama cause of lead casts and also this is sejong’s drama debut but after watched it i feel this drama is so interesting esp the chemistry between the main leads. The detectives in this serial, sungkyunkwan Scandal and wish to rest my eyes from watching too much korean soaps.