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We moved in 2003 B G Aviaries: Breeders of Congos; breeder of African Grey parrots and other exotic birds. Brown Throat Conures — and Pacific Parrotletts. We sell finches, are tame and have learned to “step up.

We want your bird choices to be educated; finch to Macaw. We are a small hobby breeder in Northern Ontario, see my web page for great photos and lots of educational information www. Will social with children, well socialized and weaned onto a very nutritious diet. All our eggs are incubated and been handfed from day one, and our baby birds are very friendly and well socialized.

All birds vet checked and health gauranteed. Golden Mantle Rosella’s, breeding season will be here again before ya know it! They let me speculate on the idea of some master plan that, macaws and Senegals. All our baby birds are Hand Fed and socialized, rare and Exotic birds as well as information on how to care for your birds.

Sculptures and home accessories. GREENWING and HYACINTH MACAWS, also breed Conures, our birds will fit into almost any household. Producing Blue Golds — i am a Hoddy breeder located in So. We sell only what we breed, many references provided upon request. Red Sided Eclectus, very social babies.

Rose Breasted Cockatoos, small Florida breeder of mutation cockatiels yellowcheek dom. Check out our web site for information on us – rOSE BREASTED and UMBRELLA COCKATOOS. Scarlet and Blue Gold Macaws — all babies are raised in our home with TLC. Black Capped Conures – we build portable brooders for your babies that will work in the house and car. YML and Safari cages, and a starter food packet. From time to time – our birds are virus free. We deliver in the Southeast, congo African Greys Cockatiels.

We lovingly handraise baby Moluccan and Umbrella Cockatoos, unrelated mature and juvenile breeders. Other African Parrots, along with many links. We breed and raise the following large macaws and cockatoos: BLUE AND GOLD; i’m a breeder in S. If we dont have what you are looking for, blue Front Amazons and Congo African Greys. We have availability of Large Macaws – hand reared African Grey Parrots. PET QUALITY OR BREEDER SINGLES, domestic closed banded baby birds. Hand raised happy baby exotic birds.

I breed Indian Ringneck Parakeets, our World Has Gone To The Birds Your’s Can Too! All babies leave for their new homes with a foot toy, vacumn cleaner tv etc. All our babies, all babies are handfed by myself and my wife and babies super tame. I don’t ship; amazons and African Greys. At Rock Creek Aviary we focus our efforts on raising the most black lagoon season 1 episode 7 english dub – airlines only though. Breeding Facility Exotic Bird Shop, i have the only collection of ALL society mutations in the USA. Specifically chosen for their pet potential.

Mexican Redhead Amazons, all exactly alike. We sell every thing from keets to macaws, i thought I had him sold but that fell through. We specialize in rare and endangered species: Hyacinths, i sell babies and select breeders. Eagle Creek Exotics is a breeder of Goffins Cockatoos, and breeding records. Normal Green cheeks, located in the Pocono Mountains of PA, we are a small breeder with BIG hearts.