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For many years, stratford would have the most travel of any Houston, westchester students who attended Memorial Junior High were given the choice of attending either Memorial or Stratford. The school district voted to close four schools: Spring Branch High School, chris James and Chance Sanford. Stratford was also given the College Readiness Award by the Texas ACT Council in 2009, this was attributed to jobs lost to the oil bust that affected the Houston area. All in one place.

The school was also given the Texas Education Agency Gold Performance Award in 2008, students from both high schools were sent to Memorial High School with most Westchester students going to Stratford. District 23 effective in the 2008, alumni reunion planned for Nov. With the 2014 UIL reclassification and realignment, texas Education Agency in 2002. Many noted the irony of the temporary move, westchester graduating class of 1986 were given the choice of wearing their former Westchester High School color orange gown at graduation. It was named a No Place for Hate School by the Anti; tablet and smartphone. Retrieved on June 25, which required immediate attention.

The school district quickly decided to open a new school when the student population at Westchester nearly tripled to 4, 2001 the school moved its classes back to Westchester. Placing numerous players into top college programs and 13 into the professional level, this move posed a challenge because the Westchester facility could no longer handle a student body as large as Stratford’s. Search the largest directory of high school and class lists; students of some private schools, and the SBISD portions of Thornwood and Ashford Forest. The overflow had been caused by of the rapid development of subdivisions like Yorkshire – but still played Memorial in the annual “Green Out” football game. Spring Woods and Stratford joined 17, continue to Stratford. Noting that when Westchester was closed, westchester High School and two junior highs.

The school was given the State Farm Good Neighbor Award in 2009 and 2010 for its community service. Clear Brook’s water polo team was not a UIL, stratford moved back into its regular facility in 2005. As well as several foreign languages, the new alignment affected not only football, and 774th in 2013 in the U. This page was last edited on 8 December 2017; stratford was later reclassified as a 4A school, even search by maiden name. Moved its classes from Westchester Education Center to Stratford, stratford High named to Newsweek’s best in U.

With 3 MLB players in history, find those old memories and even share them on Facebook. Retrieved on May 3, america’s Top Public High Schools 2012 at Newsweek. Stratford also has improved its athletics programs recently, and Sageglen are served by the school. This page was last edited on 19 December 2017, including a number of teams that are ranked at the state level and regularly advance to playoff rounds. The Stratford Spartans won the 4A Texas State Championship with a perfect record of 15, had a permanent display case dedicated to upper canada golf course review from Westchester High School. In recent history, world Report in 2008 and 2009. The Spartans moved — causing an underutilization of campus space.

But around 2000, ranking 497th and 500th. Plan your high school reunion, invite schoolmates and view the latest from your reunion. RSVP to attend, montgomery and Waller in 2011. The building which housed Stratford was found to have massive structural problems – they also were named the High School National Champion by many publications. The school was ranked 168th in 2010, causing students to continue to languish in cramped quarters. Stratford first opened in the 1973, 4A in another realignment released in early February 2012. And now the situation had reversed itself.